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Time Flies

26 years ago today, I married this handsome man.


The ceremony was supposed to happen at 1:00, but when the justice of the peace hadn’t arrived by 1:15, we told the 30 friends and family who joined us at the beach condo we’d rented that we were just going to have a great party and Nick and I would go to the courthouse when it opened on Monday. There was nothing to be done – cell phones were not yet ubiquitous and calls to the JP’s home went unanswered. I had a beer and my dad put out the pate and hors d’oeuvres he’d made for everyone and all the nerves went away.

The JP walked through the door with his wife a little after 2:00 – there’d been a bad accident on Highway 1 and they’d been literally stuck at a standstill for nearly two hours. The next thing I knew, we were standing in front of our laughing friends exchanging vows – it was so wonderfully simple and direct, no nerves at all, just relief and gratitude and happiness and looking into Nick’s eyes and having no idea what the future would hold except him and that’s all I wanted.

26 years. Time flies. In many ways, in feels like it could not possibly have been that long. I could not be more grateful for everything he has taught me, for the patience and love he has shown me, for the child we raised together, for our life and everything it has stood for. I love you, babe. Here’s to another 26 times 26 times infinity.

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