It’s going to the birds!

When we first moved into our new house, I bought two hummingbird feeders for the back porch. I had grand plans for sitting at the kitchen table and watching them while I had my morning coffee. Unfortunately, I learned it was too close to their migration time to make it worthwhile to put them up, so I set them aside until spring and put up a bird feeder instead.


Apart from this single photo of a cardinal (on a frosty morning), I haven’t been able to get clear photos of our visitors, which have included blue jays, doves, black crested titmouses (titmice?), and a small greyish bird with a faintly green breast that I think is the Texas state bird, the Northern Mockingbird. I don’t know anything about birding or even how to go about identifying the ones I see, other than just googling the various color combinations. But it brings me great joy to watch them all as I sit here working on the week’s computer tasks.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Diane
    Diane says:

    I was sitting in an empty Culver’s parking lot out in the country, eating my McDonald’s breakfast, on my way to a quilt class one Saturday, and a flash of color caught my eye. A couple of dark little birds with bright blue heads and a little color on their tails were zipping around the base of a light pole. It took some googling, but I think they were a certain type of barn swallow. The cutest things I’d ever seen, and not something we see in the city. The best I can do is the male cardinal who seems to like my neighbor’s gutters.

  2. Kristi
    Kristi says:

    A little bit jealous of some of the birds you’ve got in your new home. I’ve never seen some of them!!! We have Anna’s Hummingbirds that stay here all winter so it’s a year round job to keep the feeders full for them. I look forward to seeing pictures when you are able to get them. I’m so happy you are enjoying them!!


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