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Spring cleaning…

It’s been too long since I updated everyone on what I’m doing, but the truth is that we’ve been working our tails off on some expansions to the Roadhouse Arts workshop space – it’s nearly finished and it’s going to be amazing. (Photos will be going up on the Roadhouse site when we’re done!)

As part of all of that, I embarked on a two-day cleaning and reorganizing of my own studio space. We made some changes to the layout of our personal working areas, and it included moving my entire bead collection to another wall. Ugh. But, after much sweat, sore muscles, and some assistance from friends and family, the spring cleaning of the space is done. And I do mean cleaning – everything was wiped down, swept, sorted, organized, and put away. In some cases, I actually threw things out!





It’s silly, but one of the things I’m most pleased about is the installation of that bench apron, which holds the hammers, pliers and files I use most often. When I first tried to install it, I sheared off the wood screws I was using. Three times. Seriously. The lab tables that make up my work area have skirting made of old oak – and that stuff is like iron. Even with pilot holes drilled, the screws reached a point where they just said, “Hell no.” I finally got the right drill bit, drilled a deep enough pilot hole for each screw, and used special screws for hard woods.

Installed. Finally. Boo-yah.


I’ve decided I need more sparkle lights – I am completely enamored of them and they make me happy, so I’ll be installing several new strands soon. I’m also looking for small European-style globe strands for my patio at home. I’m addicted.

There are several large projects laid out on my bench, and tomorrow I get to spend the whole day working on them. I’ll also have most of Friday and Saturday for studio time before I leave Sunday for a week in Salt Lake with my dear friend Melissa Muir – accounting for drive time (I love road trips!), it’ll be a four-day play date and I cannot wait!

So that’s my update – there are still too many unopened boxes in my garage and there are three boxes of china and kitchen ephemera in my dining room that need my attention, but I’m in a place where I can really dig in and work. And I’m excited – I have some ideas rattling around in my head and I can’t wait to take them for a test drive. What about you? What are you up to?

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